I want to volunteer to help

Do not let anyone steer you wrong.  We still need volunteers across both Pulaski & Faulkner Counties! If you want to bring out a team of volunteers please click here! Some basic guidelines.

  1. All volunteers need to record their time spent helping with Tornado Relief.  This is not for our records, but is totally for the benefit of the community and the people who were impacted by the tornado.  So everyday you are serving we ask that you check in here online or on your phone through this link.
  2. All volunteers need to be prepared.  Bring your own gloves, tools, dust masks, water, & snacks.
  3. DEHYDRATION IS REAL.  we encourage you to drink one bottle of water for every hour you plan to work.
  4. HEAT EXHAUSTION IS REAL.  There is very little shade.  Make sure and stay cool.
  5. SUNBURN HURTS.  Wear a hat, wear sun protection, and keep an eye out for early signs of sunburn.
  6. Dress appropriately.  There are nails, there are heavy items, and there is uneven ground.  Please wear long pants, tough shoes or boots, and gloves.
  7. Look out for heavy equipment & chainsaw operators because they are not looking out for you.
  8. Chainsaw Users please be aware of these helpful videos from FEMA.
  9. If you are bringing heavy equipment please be fully aware of it’s proper use.
  10. If you do not sort piles correctly someone else will have to come back and do the job again!  Here are the sorting guidelines.

Volunteers may call 232.0630 ext 105 or email [email protected]

We will also be updating our facebook page throughout the day to tell you where you can SERVE.