This is God’s House

AfterSchool3In the after school program in Little Rock we began to notice that most of the kids, even the ones who attend church regularly, are not familiar with the Bible and have very little understanding of God. Most of the kids are afraid of God, but have no idea how much He loves them. About midway through the school year we began doing family style devotions with the kids with the intent to teach them who God is.

One week, our theme was “God will never leave you alone.” We read the story of Jacob’s Ladder on Tuesday, and how Jacob named the place where he dreamed “Bethel” because it was the place where God lived. In discussion, we talked about Jesus and how His death and resurrection made the way for God to live with us always. The kids started asking questions about how to never be alone, and how to have God with them. I shared with them how to pray and ask Jesus to be their Lord and three little boys stood up and said they wanted to pray. They prayed in front of all of their friends, thanking Jesus for dying for their sins and asking Him to take over their life. All three boys committed to honoring God with their lives.

The oldest of the three boys, when he finished praying, pounded his chest and said, “This is God’s House!”

Another boy, hugged me after class and thanked me. He said, “No one ever told me how to do that before!”

The boys were given Bibles, which they began to read at home with their families. They love discussing God’s Word with the volunteers and are beginning to lead their friends to Jesus. One boy’s mom said, “He asks everyone that comes to our house if they know about Jesus.”


  1. How beautiful and amazing! I love this story! And I am overjoyed for the three little ones who gave their lives to the Lord, and for the many little ones to come!