The T Necklace

imagesA few weeks ago, one of the Dream Center volunteers was hanging out with a little girl she met through the Dream Center. The lady had a day off, so she picked the little girl up from home to go grab lunch, some frozen yogurt, a movie, and afterwards to look around at the mall.

As they were trying on flashy costume jewelry, and making a wish list, the little girl turns around and says, “You know what I really wanted for my birthday?” Her birthday had just been a week ago. The volunteer replied, “What’s that?” She said, “You know, one of those necklaces with a T on it?”

The volunteer wasn’t sure what she was talking about and asked her what she meant. She said, “You know, the ones with the T…like the ones for church and God.” The volunteer realized she was talking about a cross necklace. This is what she really wanted for her birthday.

So often times we take for granted that everyone has heard of the Cross. Surely it is only deep in the Amazon jungle, or in some other third world country where they don’t know what the Cross is. No; that story is on the streets of Little Rock.

Don’t assume that just because someone grew up in the middle of the Bible Belt they understand the cross, and all of our church lingo. There is a new generation that has not heard the Gospel, but they hear Him calling. Join the Dream Center in introducing them to Christ.

– Drew Davis