All debris must be moved to the roadside in order to be picked up.  However please do not impede the roadway with debris.

All debris should be sorted into the following categories to aid in the pickup process

  • Landscaping debris.  (tree limbs, bushes, leaves, & other landscaping items)
  • Construction debris.  (lumber, drywall, insulation, & other items from demolished homes)
  • Bricks & Concrete Rubble
  • Recyclable Metal
  • White Goods. (Appliances, fridges, & such.)
  • E-Waste. (electronic waste, tv’s computers, & such)
  • Chemical & hazardous waste. (cleaning materials, paints, & other nasty stuff.)
  • General Garbage.

For those of you who want to read the non abbreviated version here is the FEMA version. (260 Pages)