Mentoring Program

Many of the kids attending Dream Center After School go home to single parented homes, where the attention of the parent is often focused on just trying to pay the rent or put food on the table. This leaves little time to focus on character building, diligence in school, functional relational skills, and dreaming big to see outside the current situation with their children. This is where we hope to step in and provide support to these parents.

Through mentoring at the Dream Center we hope to see relationships built that bring a sense of unconditional love and support. This allows an open door into their lives to teach them, dream with them, and encourage them to become men and women with confidence, self-worth, love and respect for others, and ultimately devotion to following Christ.


Mentors would typically invest in one child for minimum one school year, spending time with the child at least 2-3 hours per week. The schedule is flexible to best suit the mentor and mentee’s needs.


Each potential mentor would be encouraged to come spend time at Dream Center After School to get to know some of the kids and look for one that they may have a special connection with. A naturally formed mentor relationship is usually more successful than matching at random. Each potential mentor would need to have a background check cleared and would also be expected to have an interview with a Dream Center pastor or staff member prior to beginning a mentorship.