Project Submission

The AR Dream Center aims to not only help with important projects such as debris removal and demolition, but also to help more holistically, as the damage from a storm like we had encompasses much more than just picking up the pieces and getting our hands dirty.

If there is a way that we can SERVE you that may sound a little “out of the box”, we want to know.

  • Can we help connect you with some movers?
  • Can we walk you through figuring out what your insurance covers?
  • Do you have a loved one in the hospital that needs some encouraging or prayer?
  • Are there some supplies you’re needing…etc. any of these “projects” are things we want to know!

We can’t SERVE if we don’t know the needs. We cannot not make any promises to be able to fulfill all the projects, but it’s our aim to connect the needs with the resources, whether that’s with volunteers, other organizations, or actual things. We look forward to SERVING you!