Meet David (Not his real picture or his real name, but his real story)

At a recent team meeting we were discussing a young boy we will call David for sake of privacy.  David is in Kindergarten and when he arrives, he walks very carefully and stiffly up the sidewalk , when he walks in the doors he doesn’t walk up to the counter like Scared-Boy-480x320the other kids.  Instead he walks around the desk and stands behind one of our staff members.

From this safe place he peeks around the side of the desk watching his father drive away.  As soon as his father’s car is out of site this little boy becomes a lively, energetic kid again.  It is as if the fear is gone and he knows he is in a safe loving place.  We cannot control the outside world, but we can offer a safe refuge inside the Dream Center.

We are so thankful that kids like David have a safe place where fear is stripped away.  Thank you all for making this happen.  You truly are Dream Makers!