Help us make a Pre-emptive Strike against Homelessness

Between 30-50% of the urban homeless became so after serving time in the nations prison system.  Many of these men and women were serving time for minor crimes, but when they are released they often times struggle to find work and to return to their families and become homeless.

With our Prison Ministry Partner we REACH into the prison communities before these men and women return to prisonthe streets.  We SERVE them by providing the skills and the resources necessary to not only survive on the outside but to RESTORE their hope to start chasing their DREAM again, and in the end, helping them from ever becoming homeless!

EASTER CARE PACKAGES                                                        One of the biggest roadblocks for being able to SERVE inside a prison is that if we offer soap, socks, and services to one person, we have to offer it to everyone in that particular prison.  So that means we need 400 bars of soap instead of just one.  We are looking to provide Care Packages this Easter as we kick off our  next round of Prison Programs.  For around $10 we can provide immediate hope through the care packages and an open door to help get them ready for a future of hope.

We are asking if you would offer #HOPE42 prisoners this Easter with a $20 investment into preventing homelessness!


  1. Michael Heisler says:

    Hey Drew we have 500 bars of soap that we for got about from a different donation that we could not use. Ginny will have it in the van tomorrow at the DC.

  2. Shelia Newson says:

    Which unit will you be sharing the care packages with? Have we been there before? Is there currently a ARDC Bible study in any of the units? Thanks.