Adopt-A-Block: Cabot

April 22, 2017 @ 5:00 am
New Life Church, Cabot, Arkansas
NLC Cabot
201 South 10th Street, Cabot, AR 72023

On 2nd Saturdays [2nd Saturday of the month] we are going into communities full of people struggling to keep their heads above water. Many are beaten down by the effects of crime, addictions, poverty, hurt, and most of all hopelessness.

2nd Saturday Adopt-A-Block [AAB] takes volunteers to these areas to hit the streets, engage the neighborhood blocks, hang out with some kids, gather around a bbq grill, and serve a community . Through a consistent presence on the neighborhood blocks we develop relationships with the people and are invited beyond their front porch step, into their lives. As we begin to get to know them, they share their needs; we see their hearts and an opportunity to change lives opens.

2nd Saturdays | NLC Cabot Campus | Time: TBA


  1. Paul Evans says:

    Adopt a block (Cabot): I’m confused. The description says second Saturday of the month, yet the date is for a Friday with a time of 11pm… and then it says “Time: TBA”

    Can someone please verify the information and ensure the website is accurate? I’d like to volunteer for the Cabot DreamCenter.



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