250K in 2013 Internship


We are offering a 12 week Summer Internship specifically for the Mobile Food program, May 27 – August 18, 2013.

This internship will be a local missions experience, taking on the issue of hunger with a creative & inspiring plan. Teams will be traveling throughout Central Arkansas feeding the hungry and giving hope to the hopeless. This is a pilot program and you will be chartering new territory daily. Get ready to make a huge impact in 1000’s of lives!

Within the internship, there will be four different tracks where you will be trained, and within those, you can pick a particular area where you would like to specialize.

  • Team Drivers [Age 25+] Driving delivery trucks, managing routes, overseeing teams, and distributing food to hungry kids.
  • Team SFSP Coordinators Riding shotgun on delivery trucks, managing meal counts, paper work, and rallying kids at each site, as well as working with the SFSP Coordinator to insure all USDA regulations are enforced.
  • Kids Team Coordinators Travels to local sites to distribute Book of Hope, play with kids, motivate volunteers, plan activities, and most importantly build relationships & share Christ!
  • Assistant SFSP Coordinator Assist SFSP Coordinator in inventory management, communication to field teams, data entry, claims, and records.

2013 Mobile Food Internship Description

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