Archives for February 20, 2014

Meet David (Not his real picture or his real name, but his real story)

At a recent team meeting we were discussing a young boy we will call David for sake of privacy.  David is in Kindergarten and when he arrives, he walks very carefully and stiffly up the sidewalk , when he walks in the doors he doesn’t walk up to the counter like the other kids.  Instead he walks around the desk and stands behind one of our staff members. From this safe place he peeks around the … [Read more...]

Meet Shawn, Katie, & Michael!

WOW!  It has been a busy winter.  We just finished up our 12th night of hosting the Warming Center for Little Rock’s unsheltered homeless and I wanted to take a minute and tell you one story about three of our over 1,200 guests we’ve been able to help. Shawn, Katie, & their five-year-old son Michael lost their home, their jobs, and most everything else.  They spent their last few dollars … [Read more...]