Archives for May 24, 2013

Just a Little Dignity

One mom was concerned about her kids not having what they needed for school. She had just gotten a job, and wouldn't get paid until the first day of school. She was planning on shopping for them as soon as she got paid, but was worried that her kids would go to school the first day without uniforms or supplies. Thanks to the ARDC, the girls have the supplies they need but clothes for the first day … [Read more...]

This is God’s House

In the after school program in Little Rock we began to notice that most of the kids, even the ones who attend church regularly, are not familiar with the Bible and have very little understanding of God. Most of the kids are afraid of God, but have no idea how much He loves them. About midway through the school year we began doing family style devotions with the kids with the intent to teach them … [Read more...]

Ms. Forrestine

When we open up the Dream Center on Saturday mornings for breakfast, we never know who is going to wander in and how we will be able to help! On a cold day almost a year ago, God directed a sweet lady into the Dream Center who would allow all of us to see the impact we have on the downtown community! You see, this lady was freezing, hungry, and in search of food from a nearby food pantry. When … [Read more...]